Second etsy sale

I am pleased to be shipping out my second etsy sale to Denver Colorado. They bought my Landscape #4. 

Thank you so much for appreciating it. Hugs


Crystal Bridges And Underground Gallery

So i went on a whim today to go Visit Crystal Bridges in Bentonville Arkansas. So glad i did it. 

I also went to Dark Star Visuals, a Bead store in Fayetteville AR, The store that started my interest in metalsmithing. I then visiter The Underground Gallery. 

Find me on Crafthaus

What is Crafthaus?

Find out more on how to connect with crafters from across the world. It is a paid social networking service of $35.00.

For me personally it allows me to connect with my community of crafters that I met at Penland School of Arts and Crafts as well as Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. It has also allowed me to reconnect with people from SNAG.

Read this article from NPR:

Craft as an integral part of the fine art world

May 11, 2012


Hour 2

At what point does a craft transcend function, and enter  into  the world of fine art? The Philadelphia Museum of Art has recently opened a new exhibition, “Craft Spoken Here,” a collection of 40 contemporary works from 1960 to the present in glass, metal, ceramic, lacquer, paper and fiber, created by well-known and lesser-known international artists. We’ll talk about what is in these crafts our guest, the curator, ELISABETH AGRO, sees that rise to the high-profile, prestigious museum level. Our guest, Pittsburgh-based goldsmith BRIGITTE MARTIN, says this artistic distinction is a grey area, as techniques of craftspeople often overlap into fine art. She’s founded and curates an international social networking and online community for professional artists called crafthousJESSIE HEMMONS, Philadelphia’s own “yarn bomber” will join us to describe how her craft has been taken from the streets onto the face of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Perelman building. Last year her stitching covered up the Rocky statue, in front of the musuem, with pink, hoody vest with the message, “Go See the Art” stated in black across the front.

Find me on Crafthause here:


It was so nice of Brigitte to remember me. I haven’t been on for at least 4 years. Now I’m trying to think of the next themed work I’m going to make next. I hope to return to conceptual work after such a long hiatus after being crime victimized.

New Drill Press

I haven’t had a drill press since 2012. I finally bought a new one from Harbor Freight. I will name her Betty. Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.17.08 AM
I bought her for $62.99 and saved $60 in the purchase at harbor freight. If you need a drill press I highly recommend you go and check out Harbor Freight soon.


 With this I can create so many new things. I’m so excited. All I need now is the kiln to be fixed and woooohoooo!